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Friday, October 19 2007

My dearest Toshiba 27AF42,

It is with the utmost sadness that I pen this correspondence. As you surely already know, our mutual friend Samsung SIR-S4120R/XAA was stricken with a most terrible malady last night. With her broken body unable to perform even the simplest exercises, I fear that our time together is nearing a close.

It is only during our most trying moments that we can truly discern our true nature. I must confess that in my mourning, I have already been courting another. DirecTV Plus© HD DVR consoled me during the darkest hours of my grief, and I have decided to invite her to stay.

I do not expect you to share in my joy; I know that the two of you are not on speaking terms, and never will be. But for better or worse, I have made my choice, and it pains me to know that in opening my life to Panasonic TH-42PZ700U, I must by turn exclude you. While this brings me great sorrow, I entreat you to understand that this is for the greater good of both our futures.

In time, I hope that you can forgive my actions. I promise you that I will do my best to ensure that you are respected and cared for, and I will forever cherish our time together.



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