Pool Table Purchase


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Pool Table Purchase

Thursday, March 18 2004

Mel and I bought a pool table today.

...a pool table with a 6-figure price tag.

...that came with a house.

So I wasn't entirely forthcoming in that last entry. By the time I'd written that, we'd not only seen and toured the house, but we'd made an offer on it. There was some more negotiation today and pending inspection and legal approval of contract wordings (hi lawyer dad!) we'll have a house at the end of April. We didn't take any pictures when we toured it, but there will be some when we go through again (probably with the house inspector). However, here's a cute video clip (1.37 MB). Mel and I were looking at a different house and she was shooting with the digital camera to give us more to remember about each house. She didn't notice the camera was capturing video instead of images and there were hilarious consequences. In this clip, she was impressed by the two side-by-side closets and a bit surprised when she realized they were two doors to the same closet.


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